Your Ecommerce Business

Running an online business is not for everyone

None of our competitors will be this honest with you. It requires investments of both time and money to build a successful ecommerce business. But we can help you with the marketing and promotion stuff and we have the only system that is scalable as you grow

We will not promise you any get rich quick schemes

Instead we will work with you responsibly to help you promote your business responsibly, ethically and legally

Transparency in pricing

Our staff has over 10 years experience working with Penny Auction Software Solutions. But our system was built from scratch based upon the limitations we saw in other systems(don’t be fooled most PAS solutions were sold by one person to numerous companies…violating their NDA, non-compete agreements with dozens of various companies…or system is written from the ground up using cutting edge, but stable, technology)…We will never ask you for more than we quote. Most custom auction types we do for $450 or less. A new payment gateway specific to you is $350 usually. We can be fairly fixed in our pricing because our system is far more advanced than others, who remember are all basically selling the same outdated software.

We are the only ones

Confident enough to provide a 14 day free trial. Our timers are the most accurate in the business. And our tech stack is far superior to our competitors.

Marketing hurdles

Our competitors will recommend “link wheels”. This is a very bad, penalized by Google way to build links these days. Instead we encourage our partners to add backlinks for other clients. Yes we are willing to allow our clients to talk to each other, because we feel proud in what we have created. After ten years of doing this we realize most of our clients have different business models and very different products. So tran[arency in this respect does not bother us. We will allow you to talk to our previous clients for references and such

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