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In 2018 we noticed that several sellers of Auction Software and E-commerce software were using outdated techniques and little if no modern frameworks. So we began writing, we wrote our code from the ground up using CodeIgniter for our PHP. CodeIgniter is a modern MVC Framework (model, view, controller), which separates logic to where it’s needed, super easy ti learn and develop for, is faster than typical PHP, more reliable and more future proof.

But that wasn’t enough, we also realized that the reason why most PHP only Auction servers fail is because they rely upon AJAX timers, bidding and messaging. So moved all of this to Socket.io and Node.JS. Meaning that the server can send messages directly to the client with no need for the client to continuously request new data. Our timers actually track bidding in 1000th’s of a second. Meaning that our bidding is faster, more stable and more reliable than other solutions. Don’t worry about someone complaining about a lost last second bid. Our bidding is tracked more accurately than other sites. You can literally see the high bidder change within the same second if multiple users bid at the same time.

Finally we realized most potential clients are more comfortable paying for hosting and maintenance in easy monthly payments, on Reliable load balanced servers, provided by one of the best server companies in the world! So we handle everything for you. If you outgrow a common server, then we can and will move you to your own server if need be. But you will still have all of the benefits of our version controlled software. We use GitHub for our own software and can create a separate branch for your company if you require custom code. Meaning that if we add a new feature or bug fix or anything else it will be available to you if your license provides for that feature.

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