Auction Types

Random Winner Auction

Auction doesn’t stop until a minimum number of bids have been used. When that occurs the winner is chosen randomly from all participants, those with the most bids have the highest chance of winning

Beginner Auctions

Only new players can bid

Seated Auctions

Users must buy a seat before being able to compete

Time Lock Auction

Bidders must place initial bid before specific time to compete

Price Lock Auction

Similar to above, but when in final moments only users with specific number of bids allowed to compete

Half Back Auction

Winner gets back half their bids

Basement Auctions

Similar to Filene’s Basement, used for Buy It Now and Shopping Cart primarily

Tumbling Price Auctions

Similar to and

100% off Auction

Winner gets product for free

Reserve Auctions

Minimum price must be met, timers reset until it is

These and many more